La Résurrection, Piero della Francesca
(Borgo San Sepolcro, 1465)

Parution sur le site littéraire américain “The Revolving Floor” de “Night of the Living Dead”, traduction anglaise de La Nuit du Mort Vivant, texte précédemment paru sur Peeping Tom.

Translated from the French by Jennifer Chevais. The French version will appear in Alessandro’s upcoming collection of essays, Peeping Tom..

Présentation de l’éditeur et liste des textes parus :
THE TOPIC AT HAND: Back From The Dead

Resurrection stories are stories about death, where the death takes place in the middle. As lives, careers, relationships, and projects give in to entropy, we’re increasingly fixated on two ideas: our knowledge of certain doom, and our remembrance of a time when we lacked that knowledge. The birthday celebration of a man who could not die is a masks the more ancient ritual acknowledging the inevitability of winter. Which is to say: death.

Everybody dies. But everybody also sleeps, forgets, hungers, and thirsts: emptinesses that can be filled. We all want to wake up, to remember, to eat, to drink. To come back from the dead.

- Wrongly Resurrected by Liza Donnelly
- Insomnia by Tracy White
- Standing By Dead by Michael Maslin
- Juliet Explains by Amy Meckler
- Night of the Living Dead by Alessandro Mercuri
- The Helix by Brian F. Beatty
- Great White by Miles Klee

Image lenticulaire votive 
(boutique de la Basilique Saint-François d’Arezzo)
photomontage de l’auteur

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